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Developing Principal's Vision as Agent of Change and Character Educator

Principals from Yayasan Salib Suci Bandung, held a three days workshop on school leadership at Wisma Pratista, Bandung, from January 28 to 30, 2013, under the guidance of Mr. Doni Koesoema A and Ms. Bernadette Evy Anggraeny Dhewi. They learned a lot of thing on character educational leadership, and got the skills to design an integrated and comprehensive character education progam. Read more.

Dear readers and clients,

Thank for the trust you gave to us for the collaboration and networkings we have done so far. I hope that all who have experienced our services, through seminars, trainings or workshops will gain many benefits from our trainings and discussion.

In fact, we learn together how to improve our Nation. As you know, we are educators who promote Integrated and Comprehensive Character Education Program (ICCEP) that I have been developing since 2008 (see my pofile)(Doni Koesoema A. M.Ed (Boston College Lynch School of Education Alumni). We give services and provide training for educators, students and school personell in practicing ICCEP in Indonesian context. We are your partner to improve your school development. We have been working with various education institution and school as our client and partners. Our spirit is working for better school of tomorrow. We collaborate and work with teachers who have the same passions and commitment to improve national education. Clik here to know more about us.To know more about Mr. Doni Koesoema A's philosophy of education, click here.
Pendidikan Karakter Utuh dan Menyeluruh

We are proudly welcoming the new book Pendidikan Karakter Utuh dan Menyeluruh (Integrated and Comprehensive Character Education). The book published by Kanisius Press in Yogyakarta in 2012 will enrich references and our knowledge on character education developed by Mr. Doni Koesoema A., M.Ed. This book is the representations of Mr. Doni's ideas on character education in Indnesian context.

"Character Education has become national education movement. There is such a longing in revitalizing good praxis in our education system. In line with this efforts there have been many publications and books who talk about character education. But, we still need more. We still lack something deep. Mr. Doni's book on character education will encrich our discussion and praxis on character education. Educators, parents, academecian and public must read this book so that our path to revitalize character education in our school goes better."( Fasli Jalal, Ex-Vice Minister of Education.)
12 Pillars of Character Education Virtues

The Integrated Character Education Program offers several alternative development to establish and nurture individual to be personally virtuous character. Choice of priorities was based on the primacy of the three dimensions of character education is the basis for the development of complete and comprehensive character education, namely individual dimension, social dimension, and moral dimensions.12 Pillars Contents.
Breaking the Chain of Student's Brawl

It is very concerning! Started the new school year and the month of fasting brawl at some state public school in Jakarta happened again. Nurturing better character education culture which creates school as peaceful and caring community is an urgent need! Read more.

Comparing Doni Koesoema A's Toughts on Character Education with Ibnu Miskawaih

The study compares Doni's thaugts on character education with one of great moslem thinker, Ibnu Miskawaih who developed moral education in a context of moslem inspirations. For Doni, character education needs to be understood in terms of fundamental structures of our human being. It is the problems of human educability which transcends merely physical dimension and confirm human freedom that transcend physical appearances oh human being. Read more.


Developing Effective Principalship

Boston College High School is a Jesuit Catholic college-preparatory school for young men founded in 1863. It is a great opportunity for me to learn from this school because it is well known that every Jesuit School brings with them long tradition about academic excellence. Read more.

Student as Center of Learning

There is a fundamental change in the New Curriculum 2013. Such change relates to the concept of student. Now, student is considered as learner. When such concept changes, the aim of education also changes accordingly. Read more...

Seminars & Workshops

We offer various kind of seminars, workshops and teacher's professional development. We also offer services on demand according to school needs. We prefer give services for teachers in the same school unit. Themes.

Understanding Students' Intellectuality

As educator in school, we have responsibility to the safety of our students. We feel worried when watching our students running accross the street...read more

Let Your Kids Grow Lika a Flower in the Spring

It is right what is said in the proverbs, the fuit will not fall far from its tree. What is meant by that is that a kids has the possibility to have the same character as his/her parents. Is it right? Read more...

Criticising National Education Policy

Mengkritisi Kebijakan Pendidikan Nasional (Criticising National Education Policy) is the title choosen by author to show his concern and passion for education in Indonesia. Baca lebih lanjut.

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